Smart Dollars Club Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Every day millions of people across the globe take part in small surveys provided by companies. They make a few dollars for their energy and time.

It is therefore not surprising that some websites like The Smart Dollars Club are part of this well-established industry.

What differentiates what sets Smart Dollars Club from most other survey websites is their advertising, which boasts that you can make $300 in your first day.

It’s too promising to be true, however, is Smart Dollars Online really live the claims it makes or is it just another scam?

What You Get in Smart Dollars Club Review:

What is the Smart Dollars Club?

At first glance, Smart Dollars Club seems to be typical surveys  websites 

These sites serve as hubs for companies all over the globe to find out more from the general public about how their products and services are viewed.

The surveys themselves may range from recognition of the product, the use of the product, to your perception of the service or product the product or service.

Businesses as diverse as manufacturers retailers, manufacturers, as well as broadcast networks also use surveys frequently and charge to take your survey.

But, while the majority of survey sites are quite simple and allow you to sign up fast to take survey, Smart Dollars Club is unique.



How Smart Dollars Club Works

Contrary to typical survey websites that offer a dull specifics of how their sites operate, Smart Dollars club is dedicated to obtaining your email address and then sending you surveys, where you will be compensated.

Remember this Smart Dollars Club does not give you surveys directly.

Instead, they seek what they consider to be the “best offers” from other websites.

In essence, they’re an online hub that search other websites for surveys, which isn’t a good thing.

The site promises that you will earn $300 or more in the first day of registration this is quite extraordinary when compared to the majority of survey sites, where the payout is a mere couple of dollars.

One of the biggest promises is that, just for joining, you’ll have access to the opportunity to participate in a $100 survey. However, this didn’t occur.

Instead, you’re directed to a page which clearly states that you will not receive the sum of $300 or more for filling in surveys.

The $100 bonus is only available only to a fraction of the applicants who actually apply.

With a lower than 1 in 100, it’s almost certain that you’ll never receive the $100.

Pros of Using Smart Dollars Club

In reality, there appears to be very little or no benefits to signing up to this Smart Dollars Club.

Although their website is appealing and their concept very interesting, the reality is is a website that will direct you to other sites for survey (similar similar to LiveOnlineJob.com).

The final result is that even obtaining surveys that pay you money is an effort.

This assumes you can get to a site which offers a survey and will pay you cash.

However, if you’re part of the 1percent of applicants who submit an application, it is possible to make some money joining.



However, what is it that makes someone one of the top 1% is an unanswered question.

It’s completely free, meaning they won’t take your money out of your account immediately.

Cons of Using Smart Dollars Club

There are myriad of reasons to avoid this Smart Dollars Club.

No matter if you’ve filled out surveys for a long time or are just beginning to get started this isn’t the place for you.

Outlandish Claims

The website claims that you could earn $300 or more in the very first day.

Additionally, you can receive $100 as an incentive for filling in an online survey as soon as possible.

Both claims are not accurate, at least from our personal experience.

Promotional Links

Another problem when trying to follow the guidelines of what you need you should do when in the Smart Dollar Club website is the numerous promotional links.

Instead of hyperlinks to actual survey sites or surveys, There are plenty of promotional links provided by casinos and other organisations that create this one-bid advertising experience.

No Obvious Disclaimers

Websites that lie with their claims are not new.

But, the majority contain disclaimers that are easily read to inform you that what’s promised might only be applicable to a particular segment of the population.

You won’t see a similar thing until you’re deep into the site. This is a major warning sign of credibility.

Is Smart Dollars Club Legit?

Smart Dollars Club is not a fraud in the sense of technology because Smart Dollars Club is not a scam in the technical sense as Smart Dollars Club is not making money from you.

It’s completely free to join the site and it’s hard to claim that you’re being the wrong deal if you don’t make any deposits.

However, it appears that there may not be anything to gain by joining the website.



If you are able to make $300+ in the first day, or the $100 bonus offered, there’s no evidence to show what you could earn the cash.

This is overhyped at its most extreme level. It could not be a scam technically, but you’ll think that your time has been wasted, and your email address could be bombarded with emails that you don’t need or want.

So, we’re inclined to conclude that they are not legitimate in the authenticity of their claims.

How can you earn money using Smart Dollars Club?

It’s difficult to understand the way to be rewarded unless you’re part of the tiny minority who is recognized.

It is assumed that this actually is real in the first place.

It’s hard to determine because there aren’t any guidelines and no details, just advertising links and lots of advertisements.

If there’s something to learn from the Smart Dollars Club, it is the age-old rule that when something appears too promising in its appearance, it most likely is.

With surveys paying between $1 and $5 per day, with some reaching as high as $25, the notion that you could earn $100 or more per day would be awe-inspiring and that’s just one-third of what Smart Dollars Club promises.

Beware of this Smart Dollars Club, it isn’t worthwhile or worth the time because the promises made are not the reality.

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